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Different medical application solutions are accessed by the users of a hospital faciltiy based on their patient needs. They need not rely upon a humongous built systems, and while accessing, need not wait for entire system to load! 


Saas ( Software-as-a-Service ) signifies of making your much needed software available "anywhere" with the best possible secuirty with adding much load to the existing system/infrastructure or provide only the services you need.


In a nutshell, you can describe, as a colloborative effort to customise your existing patient care infrastructure to cater to all departments, with the best service access...

Sharon Software Systems brings you Zephyr Medical Apps a Saas venture to cater to your patient care mobile application needs with a solid, secure and strong backend that can be accessed over cloud!





Services of software features, can be built as a platform, to service you one "step" at a time!


Zephyr Medical App : Trusted minds provide the best output with clarity!


Trust Sharon Software Systems for your Medical Application Software needs!

The reason for adding SaaS to your existing infrastructure should go beyond capability. It should not be added because it can be but rather if it is necessary and beneficial. All organizations can derive substantial benefit and decrease the risks of software acquisition by leveraging software as a service. Note: We are not showing all features in our web (in development now). Remember It is shown as an utility that services people! Please contact us for futher info and demo! Trusted minds provide the best output with clarity!

Send us an email to info@zephyrmedapp.com




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Trusted minds provide the best output with clarity!

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